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Juvenile Defense

Juvenile Criminal Defense in Colorado

We’ve all made mistakes at one point or another, particularly when we were younger. Kids and teens make mistakes all the time, which allows them to grow up and mature.  Unfortunately, sometimes these mistakes result in criminal charges that can result in serious consequences.

It’s important to know your child’s rights and potential consequences regarding these criminal violations so you can make the right decision for his or her welfare. For example, police officers in Colorado cannot speak to your child without first obtaining your consent.  It is typically in your child’s interest for you to deny this consent, particularly until your son or daughter has a lawyer present.

You should also know that if your child has three adjudications on his or her record, he or she could be placed in the Department of Youth Corrections for punishment. It doesn’t matter how minor the offenses are.

While I can understand the importance of having your child take responsibility for his or her actions, it is crucial that you do not urge your child to plead guilty or waive his or her constitutional rights. It is in your entire family’s interest to hire a skilled criminal attorney to represent your son or daughter and then deal with any of your own punishments at home, away from the courts.  I am familiar with a variety of programs currently available within the Pikes Peak Region that can successfully help a juvenile avoid a costly criminal adjudication that may impact him or her for the rest of their lives.