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Criminal Law

Criminal Law Violations – Misdemeanors and Felony Offenses

If you are charged with a criminal offense in Colorado, you will have to proceed through trial or attain a favorable disposition of the charges prior to trial. Your chosen criminal defense attorney must have confidence in the courtroom based on an extensive knowledge of Colorado criminal law and significant experience in presenting all types of cases in front of a jury. Your criminal defense attorney should be able to demonstrate successful case and trial results, and should have the necessary experience and confidence to deal with the prosecutor and judge in the criminal court. Your criminal attorney should also have the knowledge to strategically negotiate your case with the prosecutor prior to trial.

As a former prosecutor I will recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the government’s evidence, and will understand how to negotiate with the prosecuting attorney handling your case.  I have successfully prosecuted numerous felony and misdemeanor case in front of judges and juries.

Allow me to defend your case and you will be working with an attorney that you are comfortable with, both professionally and personally. I will provide you with a sound and logical defense to your criminal charges.  You can trust my experience and candor in obtaining a result in your best interest.

Sealing Criminal Records in Colorado

One of the quasi-areas of criminal defense law is a civil action to seal criminal arrest records. When a person has been acquitted of a charge, the charge has been dismissed, or the local prosecutor’s office decided not to press charges.  The stigma of the criminal arrest record can still haunt a person for the rest of his or her life unless the record of the arrest is sealed by a court. A record of an arrest is never sealed unless a petition is filed and granted by the district court for the county where the arrest took place or charges were filed.

The process of petitioning a court to seal a criminal arrest record in Colorado can be complicated and must be done properly or the court will deny the petition. This process involves investigating old criminal arrest records, organizing the proper materials for the purpose of drafting the petition, and properly filing the petition with the proper district court in Colorado.

As a former prosecutor I am familiar with how the criminal sealing of records process works.  I can advise you on the types of arguments to make to overcome the government’s interest in keeping the records open to public view.  If you wish to explore sealing a criminal record, contact me to discuss the situation privately.